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Insight in
water usage.

Get to the bottom of your water usage.

The HomeWizard Water Meter gives you live insight into your water consumption. This way you know exactly how much water you use when filling a bath, washing your hands or while showering.

Reads your analog water meter.

With the adapter you can place the Water Meter on your existing Itron, Elster or Sensus analog water meter within 2 minutes. Click the water meter into the adapter, connect to WiFi and you’re done.

Powered by cable or battery.

Connected to a cable, your water consumption is visualized live in the app. No wall socket at your water meter’s location? On batteries (sold separately) your water consumption is updated 4x a day in the app.

View live or back in time.

The HomeWizard Energy app show you what’s happening right now, or back in time with detailed historical graphs.

View your live usage

Know exactly what a device consumes when you turn it on

Become your own energy expert

Compare days, weeks and months in detailed graphs

Keep an eye on the costs

Enter your energy tariffs and follow your expenses

Leakage detection.

Get notified quickly with a notification in the event of a leaking pipe, broken tap or other conspicuous consumption. Smart self-learning algorithms look at your normal consumption and you receive a notification in case of deviations. (Available end of 2022 with Energy+)

Upgrade to Energy+ for more smart functions.

Get even more out of your watermeter for €1 per month.

Receive anomaly notifications

Learns your water usage and sends notifications when unusual activity is detected. (available late 2022)

Choose for longer history

Get even more than 12 months of storage, and compare your usage on annual basis.


30 day money back guarantee

2 year warranty

Pay with PayPal, Klarna and more

Technical specifications.


802.11b/g/n (2.4 GHz) WiFi
WPA, WPA2 and WPA3 encrypted


Water usage history of the past 12 months
Extend your energy usage history with an Energy+ subscription


Automatic security updates
128bits AES encryption with TLS/SSL

Power supply

USB-C: Realtime data
2x CR123A Battery (sold separately): 4x per day measurement history

Maximum measurement speed

USB-C: 200 liters per minute
2x CR123A Batterij: 30 liters per minute (1 year)

Minimum measurement unit

0.3 liters

External connections

Open API (JSON) (USB power required)


2 year warranty

In the box.

Watermeter adapter
5V USB power supply
3 meter USB-C cable
Quickstart guide


An iOS 13, Android 6 or higher mobile device
A secure Wi-Fi network with internet connection

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